Aldi Is Selling Spreadable Cheeses You Can Put On Anything

No question: Cheese makes everything better. And when it’s easy to spread all over everything you eat, well, EVEN BETTER!

Now, Aldi has a new series of spreadable cheeses, and it’s the stuff crackers dream of. The spreadable cheeses, which were spotted by Instagram account @Aldi.MadeMeDoIt are from Happy Farms, and they come in three wonderful flavors: Swiss Almond, Port Wine, and Sharp Cheddar.

“I finally got my hands on the spreadable cheese!” @Aldi.MadeMeDoIt said: “I decided to try the sharp cheddar! It was good but reminded me a lot of the cheese that comes inside the kids snack packs. Have you tried any of these? What did you think? I just tried it with crackers. Is there a different way to try it?”

Apparently plenty of people have tried these cheeses before, because the comments section was flooded with ideas on how to enjoy these yummy cheeses. Just a sampling:

“My favorite is the port wine with thick pretzels!” one person wrote. “Garlic parm or everything pretzel thins, regular pretzel twists or garlic bagel chips!” another contributed. Finally: “The port wine cheese is my favorite!! With aldi brand triscuts.”

    Someone else came up with the (genius) idea to melt the cheese and serve it over pasta for an instant mac & cheese. But really, this could work on just about anything—apples, as a dip for grapes, something you enjoy straight from the spoon…

    Overall, the port wine flavor got some serious love from commenters, but TBH, they all sound really amazing.

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