One of the few things better than a chocolate egg on Easter is a giant chocolate egg on Easter. Am I wrong? To take it a step further, giant chocolate eggs filled with something are probably the ultimate top tier treat, meaning this huge Maltesers chocolate egg is a must-have for this year’s celebration. Although your typical Easter celebrations may be adjusted due to social distancing, the nostalgia of a good Easter candy is a great way to maintain some holiday cheer.

Maltesers are chocolate-coated malted milk ball candies that originated in the UK. The Maltesers Crunchy Giant Egg was spotted by @Newfoodsuk at an ASDA supermarket. It also appears that this chocolate egg can be found at Aldi UK stores for around £8.

Rather than being a plain milk chocolate shell like many chocolate eggs, this one has malted milk throughout the shell giving it an extra flavor and crunch. Of course, sometimes you want a more classic chocolate egg situation in your Easter basket, and in that case there are plenty to choose from.

The thing about the Maltesers Crunchy Giant Egg is that it truly is just that giant. From the photo by @Newfoodsuk you can see that it’s almost as large as your hand. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention you’ll get two large Maltesers bunnies and a bag of mini Maltesers bunnies as well.

No matter how you wish to enjoy a chocolatey crunch, there’s something in the box to choose from. Still need more for your basket? These are all the cool Easter candies out this year that go way beyond chocolate.

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