‘Chrissy’s Court’ Is Now Available For Streaming

Two weeks ago, Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter to settle a bunch of petty debates and promote her upcoming show. Now, her series Chrissy’s Court is finally available to stream on Quibi, so it looks like your schedule is booked this week.

Quibi is a new streaming service that was officially launched yesterday. You can download Quibi right now and get your first 90 days free (then, if you wish to continue with the service, different subscription plans start at $4.99). The selection of programs to stream are pretty star-studded, with series featuring Liam Hemsworth, Nicole Richie, and Jennifer Lopez all on the line-up. It’s safe to say Chrissy’s Court is in good company.

Chrissy’s Court is a courtroom comedy à la Judge Judy but funnier because, well, Chrissy’s in charge. Her mother, who is known as Pepper (and @pepperthai2 on Insta, where her content is excellent) co-stars as the bailiff, which means there’s bound to be some iconic mother-daughter riffing going on in these episodes.

There’s just one season of the show as of now and the episodes are only a few minutes long—one user tweeted that binging the season only took about 37 minutes. The description on Quibi’s site sums it up with, “Real people. Real cases. And real, legally binding decisions.” So it seems that the settlements Chrissy makes aren’t just for the television bit.

I guess we’ll have to binge watch to see all the rest of her knowledgable advice, and if you need more convincing, know that a bunch of people on Twitter are loving the show already.

You can download Quibi here to start watching.

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