Aldi’s New Bruschetta Dip Is Already Beloved By Fans

Making bruschetta takes some effort and energy that, frankly, could be better spent on doing just about anything else. Sure it’s delicious, but at what cost??? Now, Aldi has come to the rescue with a new bruschetta dip you can enjoy without having to chop or dice anything.

It’s called Park Street Deli Fresh Tomato Bruschetta and Instagram account @Aldi.MadeMeDoIt swears it’s “literal heaven.” “I’m praying to the Aldi gods that no one has discovered this yet at my ALDI so I can grab 5 million of them,” they wrote.

At $2.45 for a tub, the price is pretty awesome, too. The bruschetta is an Aldi Finds selection, which, in case you’re not familiar with how Aldi works, means it’s only in stores for a limited period of time. Aldi even teases on the label that the bruschetta is “here today, gone tomorrow!” OK, that’s borderline taunting.

People shared their own uses for the dip in the comments of @Aldi.MadeMeDoIt’s post, and there was a heavy chicken theme going on. “I made bruschetta chicken with this! Sooo good!!” one person wrote. “Yes!!! this bruschetta is AMAZING, so good poured over chicken in the crock pot..easiest meal ever,” another said. Others shared that they’re going to grab a few containers for snacking because planning ahead is crucial.

Long story short, if you love bruschetta, now is the time to make your way over to your local Aldi. Also, you might want to stock up on this stuff, because it sounds like it can elevate just about anything edible. Pretzels? Crusty bread? Steak? Veggies? Yes.

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