If you don’t enjoy the crust of a pizza as much as the toppings, then what are you doing??? DiGiorno is about to covert those who don’t like crust with its new Croissant Crust pizzas that will make even plain cheese pizza something to talk about.

The new pizza crust was posted by @TheImpulsiveBuy on Instagram, a food account that accepts submissions. The account says while the pizza looks good, it’s surprising this innovation wasn’t debuted during the cronut craze from a few years back.

In the photo, the pizza box already has a “new” label on it and the croissant crust is not yet listed on DiGiorno’s website, which means we’re dealing with something new new. From the picture on the box, it looks like the pizza toppings are piled on top of a full croissant dough with buttery, crispy layers all around the edges.

The photo shows only a four-cheese pizza, so it’s unclear if there will be (or already are!) other flavors that use the same croissant crust. The brand very well may be testing out the four-cheese version before working on a version with their other popular offerings.

DiGiorno is known for its creative frozen pizzas, especially its crust varieties. They have already put out pizzas with rising crust, stuffed crust, garlic bread crust, hand-tossed style crust, and more. Each version yields a different width, crispiness, and flavor, but this croissant-style crust looks to be one of the larger crusts with all its flaky layers. Needless to say, if I see this on the shelves I’m definitely trying it.

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