American Idol’s Luke Bryan Shares a Sweet Childhood Memory About His Dad

  • Luke Bryan recently released a new line of beer called Two Lane.
  • The American Idol star tells that the project inspired him because beer is something that’s always brought his loved ones together.

    It’s no secret that country music’s “bro trend” has taken over the genre in the past decade. The party-ready sound made popular by modern-day artists can be heard everywhere, from radio stations to concert venues.

    While the predominant themes—pretty girls, boozy drinks, and pickup trucks—have been met with controversy, they actually represent more to some artists than they let on in the lyrics.

    Take Luke Bryan, for example. The title of his chart-topping hit “Drink a Beer” gives the impression that it would sound great blasting out of the speakers at a tailgate. While that is true, the song also holds a deep connection to his childhood. The country star tells that cracking open a cold one is synonymous with spending time around people he loves.

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    “The beauty of what beer represents to me, my whole life, is it’s something that I share with my buddies,” Luke said. “It brings me together with friends to talk about life and what’s happening at the end of your day.”

    Born and raised on a farm in rural Leesburg, Georgia, the 43-year-old’s fondness for beer goes way back to his younger years.

    “As a kid—my dad was in agriculture—I watched all of the farmers in our area commute to our backyard at the end of a long, hard, hot day,” Luke explained. “And they’d all sit around and have a beer and talk about their ups and downs of the day of farming.”

    Years after watching his father enjoy a post-work drink with his friends, Luke has adopted his own take on the ritual.

    “For me, getting off the stage in the summertime when you’ve been sweating through your clothes, having a cold beer is about as zen as it gets,” he said.

    Cheers to that!

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