High-Protein Diet: Indulge In These 4 Delicious Baked Recipes Without Any Guilt

Baked chicken recipes that can easily fit in a high-protein meal.


  • A high-protein diet is an essential one for our body
  • Animal sources such as chicken are known to be good source of protein
  • Here are some of the best baked recipes for a high-protein diet

It’s no secret that a high-protein diet is essential for our body. Not only it would help in building and retaining muscle mass, but it would also satiate us for longer period and curb those hunger pangs. And no, a high-protein diet needs not be all boring and bland; you can experiment and play with a plethora of high-protein foods to create mouth-watering dishes. While you might think of all things greasy and fried when thinking about chicken and mutton, you’ll be surprised that you can even bake all those flavourful dishes and relish them without any guilty!

So, without any further ado, try these high-protein recipes that are baked to perfection so you never regret bingeing on your favourite chicken seekh or tikka:

1. Spicy Baked Chicken

A mouth-watering chicken recipe packed with the flavours of black pepper and chilli. The whole chicken is stuffed with spring onion paste, garlic, rice, chilli and mint and baked for about 40 minutes until tender. A perfect party dish, this whole chicken recipe is one of the easiest one to try at home. Find the recipe here.

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2. Baked Eggs

Give your breakfast a delicious twist with this quick and easy baked eggs recipe. With the goodness of veggies such as spinach and cherry tomatoes mixed in with egg, this dish is baked to perfection for about 5-6 minutes. A quick and easy breakfast recipe, you wouldn’t go back to your regular egg and toast! Find the recipe here

3. Baked Eggs With Beans

This comes with mouth-watering flavours of honey, tomato sauce, beans and other vegetables. Baked eggs with beans can be a great crowd pleaser with everyone from kids to adults drooling over it. Find the recipe here


4. Baked Chicken Seekh

Soft, succulent, juicy and all things delicious, baked chicken seekh has all the mild Indian flavours, tossed in with chicken keema, made into kebabs and baked to crispy perfection. Simply pair with your favourite dip and serve as a stellar appetiser at your next house party. Find the recipe here.

Try these high-protein baked recipes at home and let us know how you liked them in the comments section.

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