Applebee’s Brought Back Its 25 Cent Boneless Wings Deal

Huge, huge news for wings fans: Applebee’s has brought back its now-iconic 25-cent boneless wings deal.

Once again, you can eat a ridiculous amount of wings for a super-low price at participating Applebee’s restaurants. Heads up: The deal is only available when you actually eat at an Applebee’s (AKA no delivery or pick-up!), but you can buy all the wings you want. Meaning, the only limit to how much you can have is your stomach’s capability and the restaurant’s stock.

People are really excited about this deal. Evidence:

Want celery and classic hot buffalo, honey BBQ, or sweet Asian chile dipping sauce with all that? It’ll cost a little more, but still. We’re talking a mere quarter for boneless wings here.

While you’re enjoying your super-cheap wings, you can wash it all down with Applebee’s latest drink special. Right now, you can get a slew of yummy drinks for $3, $5, or $7 at participating stores. Plus, you can also grab their $1 Drink of the Month, which is currently a take on the Long Island Iced Tea.

Applebee’s last ran this special in October, so it’s been a hot minute since we’ve been able to dive into an endless slew of wings. The chain hasn’t revealed exactly how long it’ll be running this ridiculously good promotion for—it’s only said it’s here for a “limited time.” Want to take advantage of this deal ASAP? Check out Applebee’s location finder to help find a restaurant (and 25-cent wings!!!) near you.

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