Bars Are Giving College Students A Secret Way To Ask For Help If They Feel Unsafe

Things can go wrong, so signs displayed in bars near one Florida university teach students how to let a bartender know if they don’t feel safe on a date or a night out.

The effort was launched by Florida Atlantic University’s student government in an effort to protect their peers. About a dozen bars and restaurants are participating in the program so far near the school’s main campus in Boca Raton and satellite campuses in Fort Lauderdale and Jupiter, according to CNN.

The signs read:

Are you on a date that isn’t going well? Are you feeling unsafe, or even just a little bit weird? For help, just go to the bar and order an Owl Shot.
Neat: Bar staff will escort you to your car.
On the rocks: Bar staff will call a ride for you.
With lime: Bar staff will call the police.

“Everyone’s on board. Bars owners love it, the administration thinks it’s a great idea,” governmental relations director Alejandra Rodriguez told CNN. “There’s been really no negative response to it at all.”

And the important effort is apparently just getting started. The student government group told the outlet it hopes to have the signs displayed in the bathrooms of all nearby bar and restaurants.

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