Ben & Jerry’s New Pint Combines Blackberry And Mascarpone Ice Creams

We try not to play favorites when it comes to ice cream, but Ben & Jerry’s new flavor is already making us think it’ll be one of our go-to frozen treats. The brand has just introduced Berry Sweet Mascarpone, and yes, we’re planning to eat an entire pint in a 10-minute timespan.

The flavor starts with blackberry ice cream and mascarpone ice cream. Mascarpone is an Italian cream cheese, so we expect this batch to be super creamy! The ice creams are mixed with shortbread cookies and fudge-covered almonds. Those almonds should add a savory element to the sweet mix. Now do you see why we’re already excited for this?

Ben & Jerry’s Berry Sweet Mascarpone is a Whole Foods-exclusive product, a PR rep confirmed to Best Products. It will being rolling out in stores in the coming weeks at participating locations. Each pint has a suggested retail price of $4.49 to $5.69.

Blackberry isn’t a typical fruity flavor you see in ice cream, especially from large brands like Ben & Jerry’s. Strawberry? Yes. Peach? Sure. But this is quite the unique flavor combination, and we’ll be first in line to try the blackberry-mascarpone ice creams mix.

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