Busch is Giving a Three-Month Beer Supply To People Who Foster Dogs From This Rescue

If you’ve already taken all the virtual museum tours, ridden all the Disney rides from your couch, and even completed all four of Tarek El Moussa’s free real estate webinars, I’ve got one other idea to help you pass time as we continue to quarantine. Granted, it’s a pretty big life commitment, but it does guarantee a new best friend and some free beer.

Busch just launched the “Foster a Dog, Get Busch” program this week in order to encourage folks to invest in fostering a rescue pup. In collaboration with Midwest Animal Rescue & Services (MARS), the beer company is offering a free three-month supply of its beer to anyone who fosters or adopts a dog from the rescue from now until April 25, 2020, or until supplies last. If you’ve been thinking of adopting a dog, now is honestly the best time. Think of all the time you’ll have to play fetch, plus you’ll be giving this good pup a safe and loving home. The free beer is just an added incentive.

There are a few things to note, however, if you’re considering taking advantage of this deal. To claim your free beer after adopting your pup, you must send a direct message to the Busch Facebook, Twitter or “Busch Beer” Instagram account with a screenshot of your confirmation email from Midwest Animal Rescue Services. Be sure to also follow the account you messaged, if you aren’t already. As Busch will only be offering this deal to the first 500 messages, be sure to message them ASAP (and check your messages regularly). Busch will be notifying winners via direct message, and if winners do not claim their prize within 24 hours, it will be forfeited.

One more thing: Busch unfortunately won’t be sending an unlimited keg to your house (ugh, the dream), but rather send each winner a $100 prepaid debit card. According to the Terms and Conditions, this is the cash equivalent of two 24-packs a month, for three months. Whether you’re into beer or not, it’s still $100 that could be used towards dog food. Interested? You can explore Midwest Animal Rescue & Services here.

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