Brad Paisley Streams a Free Concert Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

  • Brad Paisley live-streamed a concert from his home to Instagram and Facebook.
  • The singer was joined by Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, and Chris Young, who made appearances via FaceTime.
  • He sang virtual duets with each of his fellow country artists.

    Today’s feel-good news is brought to you by Brad Paisley and his guitar.

    The country singer, who is homebound with his wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley, streamed an intimate live performance from his living room last week and it was exactly what we needed.

    Ahead of the virtual concert, Brad encouraged fans to text him their song requests and teased that “some other friends” might drop by to join him—and he did not disappoint.

    “We have a great crowd assembled over here of stuffed animals,” Brad joked at the beginning of the livestream, gesturing to the dozens of toys lined up in front of him.

    After performing his first song, he got a request to perform “Remind Me” with Carrie Underwood.

    Without hesitation, Brad FaceTimed Carrie—who was in the middle of making dinner—and the two friends sang an incredible duet.

    Later, Tim McGraw made an appearance (virtually, of course), joining Brad for George Strait’s 1984 hit, “The Fireman.”

    The country star also offered some sage advice to fans who may be struggling to stay positive amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    “This is a good time for family to be together, I think. If we can see past the darkness of this and see the beauty out of all us being able to be together and doing things like this that we probably never would’ve thought about doing if something like this hadn’t happened,” Tim said.

    “I feel so honored to be part of this family of musicians. This is our job,” he continued. “Music is an outlet for people and if we can do something that lifts people’s spirits and gives them joy at a time like this, then I’m glad we’re doing it.”

    You can watch the full concert on repeat here:

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