McDonald’s Easter Hours 2020 – Is McDonald’s Open on Easter Sunday?

We’ve already established that Starbucks is open on Easter. And we know that a handful of your other faves are open as well. But is the king of fast food open that day? The answer is…yes!

That said, McDonald’s restaurants are mostly independently owned, so different locations’ hours that Sunday may vary. Still, you can expect most McDonald’s hours will either be the same 24/7 they usually are, while others might be open from 6 a.m. to midnight that day. You can find your local McD’s information here.

But obviously this Easter is obviously a bit different than normal. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, McDonald’s has closed its dining rooms in the U.S. and in many other places around the world. With Easter just a few weeks away, it seems likely that will continue up until April 12.

That said, if McDonald’s on Easter is your tradition, you can still get your fix via the drive-thru, to-go, and delivery options. There you can still eat their new Little Mac and Double Big Mac as well as your old favorites. I hear the Easter Bunny loves a McChicken.

If fast-food isn’t your jam for the holidays, we’ve provided a ton of different options for other restaurants here as well as some delicious Easter recipes you can whip up at home here.

Anyway. It’s your holiday. We’re just here to keep you informed. Enjoy!

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