Rita Wilson Flawlessly Raps “Hip Hop Hooray” While Quarantined

    Celebrities are finding new and inventive ways to stay busy while being quarantined or practicing social distancing. The latest example? Rita Wilson‘s rap videos. Yes, you read that right.

    In a new video posted to Instagram, Wilson reads the book Ender’s Game as Naughty by Nature’s song “Hip Hop Hooray” plays in the background. She then slowly turns her head to give the camera a familiar, Is that my song I hear?, kind of look. Mouthing along a “hey ho, hey ho,” the 63-year-old puts the book down and launches into a flawlessly executed rap-a-long without missing a beat.

    Wilson captioned the video “Quarantine Stir Crazy” and “see it to believe it,” and trust us, you’ll want to watch the over-four-minute-long clip yourself:

    Despite testing positive for COVID-19, Wilson looks like she hasn’t let the virus put a damper on her spirits, and neither has her husband of over 30 years, Tom Hanks. Not long after his wife posted her feel-good rap video, the A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood actor took to social media to share a positive message.

    “Hey, folks. Two weeks after our first symptoms and we feel better. Sheltering in place works like this: You don’t give it to anyone – You don’t get it from anyone. Common sense, no?” Hanks wrote. “Going to take awhile, but if we take care of each other, help where we can, and give up some comforts…this, too, shall pass. We can figure this out.”

    Fellow celebrities were happy to see the couple doing well and they particularly celebrated Wilson’s fledgling rap career.

    Jennifer Aniston commented, “Yessssssss R Greeky! ❤️❤️❤️.” Rosanna Arquette applauded virtually with three ‘clapping hands’ emojis: “👏👏👏.” Supermodel Karlie Kloss sent love: “❤️🙌🏼👑.” And comedian Maz Jobrani wrote, “OMG! Are you for real? That didn’t make my day, it made my month!”

    Even Scooter Braun, manager to star artists like Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and more, was impressed, commenting with enthusiastic emojis: “YES RITA!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️”

    If you find yourself also bopping to the beat in the throwback song that Wilson rapped, below is the official music video for Naughty by Nature’s 1993 song.

    And if, like us, you can’t stop watching Wilson’s expert throwback performance of the hit, here are the lyrics so you can rap along, courtesy of Genius:

    [Intro: Vinnie & Treach]
    Give it up for Naughty By Nature!
    Hip Hop Hooray
    Ho, hey, ho, hey, ho, hey, ho

    [Verse 1: Vinnie]
    You drew a picture of my mornin’
    But you couldn’t make my day (Hey!)
    I’m rockin’ and you’re yawnin’
    But you never look my way (Hey!)
    I’m lickin’ down your darlin’
    In every single way (Hey!)
    Your funny flow is foreign
    And a green card’s on the way

    [Verse 2: Treach]
    This ain’t got shit to do with shampoo
    But watch your head and shoulder
    Brother older, bold enough to fold ya, yo I told ya
    A raid afraid of what I made and played it, plus a funky fit
    So save yo’ flips and tricks for that music and the monkey bit

    [Verse 3: Vinnie]
    Triggers from the Grilltown Illtown
    Some ask how it feels now
    The deal is that we’re real, so we’re still ’round
    Don’t lamp with a freestyle phantom
    Ain’t tryin’ to be handsome
    Shrinkin’ what you’re thinkin’, ’cause I’m vampin’

    [Verse 4: Treach]
    I live and die for Hip Hop, this is Hip Hop for today
    I give props to hip-hop, so Hip Hop hooray

    [Hook: Vinnie & Treach]
    Ho, hey, ho
    Hey, ho, hey, ho
    Hip Hop Hooray
    Ho, hey, ho
    Hey, ho, hey, ho

    [Verse 5: Treach]
    You heard a lot about a brother gainin’ mo’ ground
    Bein’ low down, I do the showdown with any little ho round
    No! I wanna know who you believe in
    Through your funny reasons
    Even when I’m sleepin’ you think I’m cheatin’
    You said: “I know you, Mr. O.P.P. man
    Yo, PP man, won’t only see me man”
    You should’ve known when I ain’t hit it and step
    That I was wit’ it a bit, not to consider the rep, heck!
    I did your partner ’cause she’s hot as a baker
    ‘Cause I’m Naughty by Nature, not ’cause I hate ya
    You put your heart in a part of a part that spreads apart
    And forgot that I forgave when you had a spark
    You try to act like somethin’ really big is missin’
    Even though my name’s graffiti-written on your kitten
    I love black women always and disrespect ain’t the way
    Let’s start a family today; Hip Hop Hooray

    [Hook: Vinnie & Treach]
    Ho, hey, ho
    Hey, ho, hey, ho
    Hip Hop Hooray
    Ho, hey, ho
    Hey, ho, hey, ho

    [Verse 6: Treach]
    Hip Hop, Hip Hip Hop, Hip Hip Hop, Hooray!
    There’s many hungry hip-hoppers
    One reason Hip Hop’s tip-top today
    Swerve what you heard ’cause I ain’t bailin’ no hay
    Ain’t choppin’ no crops, but still growin’ every day

    [Verse 7: Vinnie]
    Here’s a thunder sound from the wonders found
    From the underground town down the hill
    Feel how Illtown drown smiles to frowns
    Snatchin’ crowns from clowns, beatdowns are found
    Don’t know me? Don’t come around!

    [Verse 8: Treach]
    Tippy tippy (pause) tippy tippy (pause)
    Sometimes creepin’ up I eat em up
    Your styles are older than Lou Rawls
    Peace to this one and that one and them
    That way I shout-out and I didn’t miss one friend
    Fools get foolish, neither them or Parker Lewis knew us
    You could have crews with shoes and can’t step to us
    Some kitties purr, now call me sir too
    Lookin’ for her crew; any trick that diss gets a curfew
    I put on projects for boots
    Step through troops and leave proof
    My problem solver’s name is Mook
    I hittin’ woodies in a hoodie
    Peace to Josette, Jobete, Jo-Jo, Genae, and every hood G
    That’s right, my fight is ill
    Peace goes to L.O.N.S. and Quest
    Nice & Smooth and Cypress Hill
    I live and die for Hip Hop, this is Hip Hop of today
    I give props to Hip Hop, so Hip Hop Hooray

    [Hook: Vinnie & Treach]
    Ho, hey, ho
    Hey, ho, hey, ho
    Hip Hop Hooray
    Ho, hey, ho
    Hey, ho, hey, ho

    [Outro: Treach]
    Smooth it out now!

    Here’s to hoping we see more of Rita the Rapper.

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