Budweiser Unveiled A Nitro Golden Lager You Have To Shake

It’s a major rule of beer drinking: Don’t shake the can or bottle before you open it. But Anhueser-Busch just unveiled a new lager that completely smashes all the rules.

It’s called Budweiser Nitro Gold, and fans are asked to shake the beer before pouring it. Got questions? SAME.

Here’s the deal: The lager is infused with a nitrogen gas to give it a “silky-smooth finish,” according to a press release. (The smoothness is from smaller and denser bubbles provided by the nitrogen, BTW.)

But this is where things get interesting. Budweiser Nitro fans are encouraged to flip the can three times before enjoying. This infuses the nitrogen gas bubbles throughout the beer, Anhueser-Busch explains.

Things stay weird from there. After you give your can a solid shake, you’re supposed to pour it “hard” into the middle of a glass, instead of down the side. No word on how a “hard” pour different from a regular pour, but maybe try to put a little muscle into it? Then, wait a few beats before enjoying.

Budweiser also released a new ad breaking down the drinking process, in case you need a visual.

The concept of a nitrogen gas-infused beer isn’t new, but Budweiser Nitro Gold doesn’t use a widget to get the nitrogen bubbles all fizzy (that’s your job with the shaking and all).

Want to try it out? Budweiser Nitro Gold is in stores now. Just make sure you don’t confuse it with other beers in your fridge before you shake because, you know, that could get messy.

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