Celeb Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Shares Why One Should Eat Home-Made Pickles Daily


  • Rujuta Diwekar explains why it is important to eat home-made pickles
  • They enhance the taste and flavour of food
  • They are a reliable source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

Pickles are an indestructible part of Indian cuisine since time immemorial. It is not only a mere accompaniment that gives the extra zing to our sabzi, rotis and rice, but also a tradition that is passed on through generations. Pickle is a word that surely takes most of us down the memory lanes where our mothers and grandmothers used salt, spice and oil to preserve several fruits and veggies, under sunlight. Pickles not only add taste to a food, it rather has several health benefits too. Echoing the same, celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar took to her Instagram handle to explain, why it is important to eat home-made pickles daily.

She started her post with a beautiful tale of nostalgia, “Our dadis and nanis used everything naturally available around them – salt, spices and sunlight to ensure that not just the seasonal produce not go waste but also that their nutritional value is enhanced. So they used trial and error, patience and perseverance and gave us this priceless gift called pickle.” She further stated that pickles are touted as valuable sources of vitamin K (co-factor in absorbing vitamin D), vitamin A (eyesight and immunity), probiotic bacteria (live organisms that confer health benefits to the host).

What Are The Benefits Of Home-Made Pickle?

The celeb nutritionist listed down number of benefits, and they are-

  • They enhance the taste and flavour of food.
  • They help in digestive processes of the body.
  • They are a reliable source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • They provide the body with healthy bacteria, which makes it easy for the body to produce vitamins like B12.
  • They ensure that your gut is not colonised by pathogens or the bad bacteria.

Though different kinds of picklesĀ are now-a-days easily available in the market, she stressed on home-made pickles. According to Rujuta, just like daahi (curd), pickles should also be made at home (using traditional recipes) to make the most of its benefits. She also stated, “The right time to start making pickles and even papads is post Shivratri, as that’s the time when the sun light is optimal for these processes.”

Sharing Some Trivia Regarding Daily Consumption Of Pickles, Rujuta Diwekar Explained:

One must remember that the pickles will get spoiled if it doesn’t get the right amount of salt and oil. With oil and salt, the first thing that comes in mind is blood pressure. She cleared the confusion and said that it is one must avoid eating biscuits, cookies or anything from outside, instead of pickles. The healthy bacteria from pickle also keep diabetes under control and promote heart-health.

“But you need to eat pickle like a pickle, which you now know is as a small part of your meal; not the main thing. A little pickle with dal-rice or dahi rice provides your body with the right combo of pre and pro-biotic,” she further said.

So, spice up your meal with some amazing home-made pickles! Click here for some tasty pickle recipes.

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