Watch: 25 Lesser-Known Dishes That Are Must-Try When Visiting Japan


  • Japanese food is a lot more than just Sushi or Tempura
  • There are a number of flavours to Japanese cuisine than just Umami
  • Here are 25 of the must-try dishes to eat in Japan

When in the land of the rising sun, Japan, there are a plethora of gastronomical experiences to explore. Japanese cuisine is a lot more than just the widely popular ‘Sushi’, which is actually more of a fine-dining dish. The street food of Japan has a lot to offer than just Sushi or Tempura. From dishes that satiate the appetite, to others that will make you drool; there are others that are sheer indulgence, while still others that are plain extravagant – and this video by Insider says it all!

Whoever said that Japanese food is only about the flavour of Umami couldn’t be farther from the truth. The cuisine involves a whole gamut of flavours that are ideal for lovers of all kinds of tastes. Sweet to crispy, sour to soft – whatever you need, Japanese food has to offer. The cuisine also varies largely by region, but there are a lot of dishes that are commonly available throughout the country. Another myth that has been busted by this video is the fact that the cuisine makes use of a whole lot of ingredients and not just seafood. Eggs, gold leaf, noodles, ramen, and cheese are all used in abundance in Japanese street food.

Some of the dishes which caught our attention included the Savoury Takoyaki, which are basically small savoury balls made with pancake batter stuffed with bits of octopus which are popularly available in Japan. The Amezaiku is quite a stunning dish to look at that is made in only five minutes. It is simply a miniature animal sculpture with intricate details with sugar syrup filled inside a mould. Another interesting dish was the fluffy cheesecake available at Uncle Rikuro’s in Osaka.

These are just three of the twenty five dishes covered in the video. Each dish is better than the other, giving us many more things to add to our foodie bucket list. So next time you plan a trip to Japan, these are the dishes you must try!

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