Chef Boyardee Has New Cauliflower Pasta

If you have kids, you know that getting them to eat their veggies can be…challenging. And sure, you can try to bribe them to eat their vegetables, but life seems to just go a little more smoothly when they eat vegetables without even knowing they’re having healthy stuff. Apparently Chef Boyardee is well-aware of this, because they just released delicious-looking new pastas that are packed with veggies.

From the looks of them, these are modeled the brand’s classic Rings (plus one with meatballs in it too). Each pasta contains a half-cup of vegetables per serving which, if your kid is currently eating a zero-cup serving of veggies in one sitting, is awesome. Luckily for all of us, Instagram account @DadBodSnacks is here with the scoop.

“If you can read the fine print, Chef Boyardee is sneaking some veggies into some of their classics,” he wrote:

According to the label, there’s 1/2 cup of veggies in the whole bowl of Regular Rings or Rings with Meatballs. And they used cauliflower in the noodles, which makes the most sense. And considering everything, I’m willing to bet kids can’t taste the difference. They’ll notice the obviously different exterior, but in a side-by-side comparison. I bet they can’t pick the odd one out. Good idea, Chef. Next time add more veggies. ;).

Just a heads up: The pasta doesn’t appear to be gluten-free. @DadBodSnacks points out in the comments that it’s pasta made with cauliflower—not cauliflower pasta.

Also, the new options are so brand new they’re not even on the Chef Boyardee website yet. So, you might be waiting a bit before you can pick up some for you—I mean, your kids…of course.

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