You Can Get ICEE Tubes In The New Cola And Cherry Cola Flavors

For the days you can’t get to a convenience store for an ICEE, at least you can have ICEE Tubes on hand in your freezer. There are two new flavors available, and they’ll speak to your soda-loving heart.

It appears that ICEE Tubes have only come in three flavors up to this point: Cherry, Sour Apple, and Blue Raspberry. So the soda-inspired flavors are a big deal! Now you can get the frozen treat in (drumroll, please), Cola and Cherry Cola flavors!

ICEE has released a Cola flavor in convenience stores, so you might have it before. We’re hoping that the refreshing flavor comes through in the packaged version. What a game-changer that would be, right?

The Cola- and Cherry Cola-flavored ICEE Tubes were just added to Walmart’s website for $2.48 for a six-pack box this week, so you can see if they’re available at a location near you. Instagram account @tamisclock spotted them in an actual Walmart store, so fingers crossed you’ll have just as good of luck!

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