Chex Mix’s Spicy Dill Pickle Flavor Just Won the Snack Game

When in doubt, going with General Mills’ Chex Mix is always a safe vending machine bet. We would never turn down a bag of the Traditional, and we would absolutely never turn down a bag of the recently released Chex Mix Max’d Spicy Dill!

The newish snack began rolling out in stores at the end of summer 2019. Maybe we were too busy drinking cocktails in an adult inflatable pool to notice, but you better believe it has our full attention now! Hopefully, you can handle some heat, because there is some spice in the pickle-flavored snack.

You can expect some of the typical Chex Mix pieces in the Max’d Spicy Dill version. The Chex cereal pieces are blasted with dill pickle flavor, and they’re mixed with a spicy mix of pretzels, mini breadsticks, and crispy crackers. With this pickle and spicy mix, your taste buds are truly going to be surprised!

Chex Mix Max’d Spicy Dill is available in 4.25-ounce bags that come in a box of eight. It isn’t listed online at the usual suspects (Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc.), so hopefully you have better luck in stores.

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