Watch: 5 Tips To Protect Against Germs While Shopping For Groceries


  • Grocery stores are lined up food products that may carry bacteria.
  • You can come in contact with these bacteria while grocery shopping.
  • Here are some tips that may help you avoid germs at grocery stores.

For grocery shopping, we have to go to those overcrowded stores or vegetable markets swamped with buyers and lined with food items. All those vegetables, meats and food products might be carrying thousands of germs, which are not visible to the naked eye. It’s scary to think that we might be bringing home more than just groceries! You can’t just stop shopping for groceries but what you can do is take utmost care to prevent coming into direct contact with these unsafe germs.

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Here are some tips to avoid germs at grocery stores:

1. Bacteria transmit the fastest through hands. First thing that you touch when you enter a supermarket is the shopping cart or basket handle. Make sure to always carry some antibacterial wiping sheets with you and wipe off these handles first before you touch them.

2. You must wash your reusable shopping bags regularly. Foods like raw meat, milk, eggs and other such products are at a great risk of leakage, which can cause accumulation of bacteria in the bag.

3. When you’re buying fresh produce like vegetables and fruits, be on a lookout for any crack or hole or any kind of opening in them, which actually could be housing the bacteria.

4. Check all the packages and canned products for any kind of damage or opening. Ripped or open packages can let in bacteria quite easily.

5. Never taste those free samples those marketing guys are offering at the grocery stores. While they may be quite tempting, but they must have turned into a breeding ground for germs while sitting out in the open for a long time. 

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Just take care of these little preventive measures and you’ll turn into a safe grocery shopper that will protect your health and that of your family.

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