Chick-fil-A Fish Filet Sandwiches Are Back

Chick-fil-A knows what it’s doing when it comes to chicken, obviously, but apparently, the chain is just as well-versed in creating pandemonium around fish, too. The big wigs there have brought back the fish filet sandwich once again through April 11.

It’s likely that the fish sandwich has returned, as they have in the past, for the season of Lent, when those that practice catholicism abstain from eating meat on Fridays until Easter Sunday. With Easter Sunday falling on April 12 this year, the timing of the fish sandwich’s 2020 run makes complete sense.

The fish sandwiches can be ordered in either a traditional version or a deluxe. The traditional fish sandwich is made with two cod filets, pickles, and a side of tartar sauce on a toasted bun. The deluxe is two cod filets, pickles, cheese, lettuce, and tomato on a toasted bun with tartar sauce on the side. As always, you can ask for whichever sauce you’d like on the side for your sandwich or your fries.

You can also order the fish in two- or three-count entree meals that come in a box with an order of waffle fries. If you still need some convincing, let it be known that people on Twitter really seem to be into the Chick-fil-A fish meals, especially the sandwich.

The fish sandwiches and meals are only available at select locations, so it’s worth double checking that your closest Chick-fil-A has them on the menu because getting your hopes up too high. Also important to ponder…is if Chick-Fil-A named that because it sells chicken and fish filets?! I need answers.

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