Regular Milk Consumption May Lead To Breast Cancer; Says Study



  • Milk is a part of our everyday healthy diet.
  • But this study claims that drinking milk may led to breast cancer.
  • However, no legit link has been established between milk and cancer.

Milk is a part of everyday diet in almost all households across the. The high calcium content and other nutrients found in milk are said to accelerate bone and muscle growth while strengthening it. As kids, we all might have hated it, but that didn’t stop our parents to force it down our throat and eventually we all got used to its taste and the habit of drinking milk every day followed us way into our adulthood. Current US dietary guidelines suggest that adults should drink 3 cup of milk every day. That may be a lot for us so we stick to one cup a day. But you’ll be shocked to know that milk consumption, even one glass a day, could increase your risk of cancer!

If the findings of a recent study are to be believed, dairy milk consumption has been associated with the increased risk of breast cancer. A research by Loma Lind University in California claims that women who drink even one cup of dairy milk a day could increase their risk of developing breast cancer by as much as 50 per cent. 

The study also claims that women who consumed soy in high quantities also had a high risk of breast cancer. The sex hormone content of the milk could be blamed for the rise in the risk of cancer by drinking it. 

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Are you worried already? Maybe, you should take it easy. If we put this study aside, there is no concrete direct link that has been established and proven between dairy products and breast cancer. 

Milk enjoys a great healthy profile and is replete with many nutrients. More legit research and proof is needed to establish a relationship between dairy consumption and breast cancer. 

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