Costco Has Almond Keto Bites That Are Baked From Scratch

Costco always comes in clutch with keto-friendly finds. The keto salted caramel ice cream bars are ideal for summer and the keto nut butter is a total game-changer. Thankfully, there’s another keto snack you can get your hands on: almond keto bites. They’ll likely be the next new snack you obsess over for weeks to come.

The Costco-centric Instagram account @costcoguy4u spotted the keto-friendly snack on shelves. Baked from scratch, the bites contain five grams of net carbs along with five grams of protein and four grams of fiber. They’re made of almond flour, almonds, flax seeds, sea salt, and a few other ingredients.

The bites look like the perfect combination of fluffy and chewy, and my stomach is screeching just thinking about them. The delicious little bites come from a shop in California called Bakery Street, which has been baking treats for more than 30 years. The 18-ounce containers offer about 13 servings and can be purchased for $9.49 at Costco, according to @costcoguy4u.

People were pumped to see these in the comments. “These are so good! Had them awhile ago at stores in AZ,” one Instagrammer commented: “Have a similar one with pecans and cinnamon. Good, but not as good as the almond bites.”

It’s safe to say these look fantastic, even to almond-lovers who aren’t keto. There’s a high chance I’d devour a whole container in two days, if not in one sitting.

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