There is something special about a Waffle House waffle. It’s crispy and pillowy, has just the right size ridges to get filled up with butter and syrup, and, best of all, it’s served at the Waffle House, one of my very favorite places on Earth. But since many of us cannot get to a Waffle House right now, the chain has released packages of its waffle mix to the masses…which all promptly sold out.

Waffle House made the announcement on its Twitter Wednesday morning, sharing that it was selling bags of the mix as well as a special Waffle-opoly board game (which sounds amazing in its own right, by the way!) on its online shop.

The mixes were sold in three-packs for $20 total, with each mix making about five-to-six waffles each. Unsurprisingly, the waffle mixes sold out within four hours of hitting their online shop, according to CNN. Thankfully, if you’re hankering for a Waffle House waffle and you didn’t get a bag of mix, all is not yet lost.

Waffle House vowed to issue a restock on the mixes ASAP, so be sure to keep your eyes on their online store for more information. If you’re still looking to get more waffle goodness while spending time at home, the chain also confirmed that it would be partnering with Postmates for food delivery. Be sure to check the app to see if they’re delivering to you, as they’ll be adding cities every day.

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