As we all know, breakfast is super important, but to most of us, it’s probably an afterthought. After all, having the same cereal over and over again can get really old, really fast, but what other choice do we have? Luckily, Costco is here with the pull-apart cinnamon roll of your dreams.

The gigantic cinnamon rolls were spotted in Costco by the Instagram account @Costco­_DoesItAgain. “Raise your hand if you’re stress eating. $6.99 cinnamon rolls #latergram #costcodoesitagain,” they wrote alongside a photo of what just might be the biggest cluster of pull-apart cinnamon roll ever to grace the hallowed aisles of Costco.

We seriously need to talk about this. @Costco_DoesItAgain didn’t say exactly how big these rolls are but, if you look closely in the photo, you can see a tray of oversized muffins in the background—and this treat is about eight times the size of one muffin. So it’s pretty likely that they’re about eight massive buns. Fine with us!

According to people in the comments, these rolls are as good as they look. “My favoriteeeee! The best after microwaving a roll for ten seconds,” one fan said. “So good!” someone else said.

Other people were pretty excited about the price. “Omg they’re that cheap?!” someone wrote. And then there’s the fact that these are a giant cluster of cinnamon rolls, which is basically a socially acceptable way of having a ton of dessert in the A.M. “Dessert…It’s what’s for breakfast,” one person chimed in.

As always, what’s available at your local Costco can and will vary, but keep your eyes peeled for this delicious treat!

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