McDonald’s Brazil Separated The Golden Arches In Favor Of Social Distancing


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As the COVID-19 outbreak continues around the world and people are being encouraged to practice social distancing, everyone from celebrities to lawmakers are getting on board to spread the word about the importance of staying home and keeping a six-foot distance from others. McDonald’s Brazil has gotten in on the conversation by separating the iconic golden arches on its logo as a sort of social distance public service announcement.

The photo came in the form of a Facebook post from the restaurant chain late last week but it’s currently making the rounds online. McDonald’s Brazil, like many restaurants and fast food chains globally, has closed its dining room to customers and is only offering to-go service, according to The Today Show.

McDonald’s India shared similar sentiments in two different Instagram posts, one featuring an animation of the arches pulling apart with the caption “A little distance goes a long way! Stay home, stay safe,” and an animation of French fries laying separately with “#socialdistancing” below it.

Both posts appeared to receive a mix of praise and criticism, with some complimenting the tactic as a way to spread the word and others pointing out that workers were still serving customers despite the outbreak.

“There is no point in separating the symbol and continuing to leave employees together,” a translated comment one person left on the McDonald’s Brazil post reads.

“Our employees, customers, and partners always come first,” the restaurant chain, which is owned by Arcos Dorados, replied via its Facebook page. “And that is why we chose to close our rooms. For those in delivery and drive-thru, we intensified the hygiene and cleaning protocols.”

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