Carvel’s New Half & Half Ice Cream Cake Will Give You An All-Vanilla Or All-Chocolate Slice


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There are vanilla people, and there are chocolate people, and sometimes, the which-flavor-is-better discussion can get pretty heated. Carvel is making sure that everyone gets exactly what they want with a new ice cream cake.

A classic ice cream cake from Carvel features layers of vanilla ice cream, chocolate crunchies, and chocolate ice cream. It’s all covered in a whipped icing and confetti sprinkles. Maybe you don’t like one ice cream over the other. Hey, we can’t judge your taste buds! So now you can have only the flavor you love.

Carvel’s Half & Half Ice Cream Cake will have you choosing a side. One half is made up of all vanilla ice cream, layered with chocolate crunchies. The other half consists of chocolate ice cream with chocolate crunchies. Whichever side you choose, we can all agree that the chocolate crunchies are what matters most, so luckily nothing has changed there.

Instead of the colorful sprinkles that typically top a Carvel cake, the Half & Half is complete with brown and white sprinkles. There will be no mistaking what kind of cake you’re cutting into.

The new Carvel cake has been spotted at Walmart by Instagram account @junkfoodfoodies. The 75-ounce serves up to 18 people, so hopefully that’s enough for everyone to get the flavor they prefer. It looks like we know what cake we’ll be requesting for our next birthday!

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