Costco Is Selling Poke Bowl Kits

Quick lunches at home for me generally means eating spoonfuls of hummus over the sink, some loose trail mix, and maybe some leftover Easter chocolate for dessert. Just keeping it real. But once again, Costco has come in to save the day and give us a quickie lunch to be proud of.

Instagrammer @Costcohotfinds spotted these Blue Hill Bay Poke Bowls at their local store and they have all the fixings for a delicious and nutritious lunch. The bowls come in at least two varieties: Ahi Tuna and Smoked Salmon.

In addition to some delicious fish, each pack also comes filled with rice, sauce, and seasoning. Best of all, the packaging boasts that you can throw it all together in, like, two minutes, and let’s face it, all of us have roughly two minutes to spare.

If fish and rice isn’t enough for you, this is the perfect way to offload some veggie scraps from your weeknight dinners. You’ve got some rando grape tomatoes, slices of cucumbers, and maybe an extra leaf of kale? You’ve got lunch!

Each bowl comes packed with more than 20 grams of protein so no matter what you add to it, you’re probably not going to be hungry any time soon.

Costco is currently selling the bowls in two-packs for roughly $12, making it about $6 a bowl. When’s the last time you had a lunch that cheap? Okay, maybe your spoonfuls of hummus, but come on, this is waaaaay better.

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