Costco Is Selling Starbucks Bottled Almond Milk Frappuccinos



In case you haven’t noticed, Starbucks has been kind of killing the plant-based game recently. The chain kicked off the year by introducing three new alternative milk-based beverages and recently added two new coconut milk beverages to its spring menu. This effort has even expanded to its at-home beverages line and we just found out that you can find some of these offerings at Costco.

Starbucks Almondmilk Frappuccino, Mocha

Instagrammer @Costco_doesitagain posted a photo of the store selling 15-bottle packs of Starbucks Almond Milk Frappuccino in the mocha flavor. The bottled drinks, which you’re probably pretty familiar with in their dairy versions, also come in vanilla flavor.

“I didn’t know they made almond milk one now,” the Instagrammer wrote and others in the comments said they’ve spotted them for a bit now. Costco_doesitagain listed them for $16.59 but others reported spending as little as $12.99 for a similar pack, so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out during your next Costco run.

If you’re not going to Costco any time soon or you want to try it before you commit to a whole big case of the drink, you can also order individual bottles from Target. They have both the mocha and the vanilla flavors for $3.49 a bottle.

With all the super-cute Starbucks cold cups out right now, this is the perfect time of year to load a big one up with ice and sip on a delicious plant-based beverage.

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