This Pool Float Looks Like A Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Cone

What’s better than a pool float that you can lie back and relax on as the sun’s rays shine down on you? Answer: A pool float in the shape of food, specifically one in the shape of a Mickey Mouse ice cream cone. Luckily, Disney knew we needed this. It exists, and you can get a hold of it right now.

Mickey Mouse Summer Fun Pool Float

The Mickey Mouse ice cream cone pool float is a colorful, pastel dream. The cone portion is striped with a light teal color and white. The Mickey-shaped ice cream on top is pink and yellow with multi-color sprinkles. The sizable pool float is recommended for anyone ages 3 and up. Fittingly, it comes packed in an ice cream truck shaped box (sadly, ice cream truck tunes are not included). You can buy it on Disney’s online shop for $39.99.

If you want to bask in even more pool float luxury, you can buy a set of Mickey Mouse donut floating drink holders. You get four of them for $14.99, and they come in the same colors the ice cream cone float. There’s no need to worry about any mismatching colors! The holders support bottles, cans, and cups, so you’ll be able to enjoy whatever summer drink you desire. Who knows, maybe you can get creative and use it to hold your ice cream cone or cup.

Let this summer be another filled with all of the food-inspired pool floats–especially the Mickey-themed ones.

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