Dairy Queen Has Been Spotted Selling A Churro Dipped Cone

It’s a well-known fact that Dairy Queen does a dipped cone like no one else. And, while the chocolate dipped cone is always a classic, the company seems to have just rolled out a new dipped cone that’ll make your jaw drop.

It’s a Churro-Dipped Cone (you read that right) and it was spotted in the wild by a follower of the Instagram account @TheImpulsiveBuy. “Impulsive Buy reader Kaitlyn W sent us this photo she took from a Dairy Queen in central Pennsylvania of a new Churro Dipped Cone,” they wrote in the caption. However, @TheImpulsiveBuy points out that there isn’t any information about it on the Dairy Queen website.

“About this time last year, DQ offered a Dreamsicle Dipped Cone for its Free Cone Day, so maybe this [is] a flavor that’s supposed to be the highlight for this year’s DQ Free Cone Day, which has been postponed, according to the company,” they continued. The postponement, which was put in place out of an abundance of caution around the coronavirus outbreak, was confirmed last week by the company, Thrillist reports.

It’s not clear exactly what’s in it (or on it) but it appears to be a chocolate dipped cone with cinnamon sugar on top.

People are pretty freaking excited in the comments about this one. “Sounds bomb,” one wrote. “Oooooh!” said another. Some people pointed out that it’s something that had been offered in Mexico previously and had rave reviews.

Since this isn’t on DQ’s website or Instagram, it’s hard to know if this is a Free Cone Day special or something that the company plans to have more widely available. We reached out to Dairy Queen to see what’s up and will update this post if we hear back either way.

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