Dairy Queen Has BOGO Blizzards For 2 Weeks

One of the best parts about warmer weather is jumping in the car and grabbing some ice cream with your best buds. That might seem like a pipe dream right now, but as we dig ourselves out of the frozen tundra that is this winter, Dairy Queen is helping us get into the spring spirit in the most epic way possible. Yes, that’s right: BOGO BLIZZARDS, MY DUDES!

Starting right the heck now, DQ is offering buy-one-get-one Blizzards. The get one, in this case, is 80 cents. So you pay normal price for one Blizzard and get the second for 80 cents. Sure, it’s not free, but it’s pretty darn close. I bet you have more than 80 cents rattling around in your cup holder right now.

The best part is there are pretty much no restrictions on this deal. You can BOGO any size Blizzard (though you’ll get the one of equal or lesser value for free) and choose from any of DQ’s 15 Blizzard varieties, including March’s Mint Oreo Blizzard of the Month.

No matter if you’re picking up two Reese’s Blizzards for you and your pal to enjoy together, or hoarding two Oreo Blizzards to put in your freezer for later (no judgement!!), this is one screamin’ deal.

But this promotion won’t last forever. In FACT it won’t even last very long at all! You need to get your butt to your local participating DQ by March 15 to get your hands on BOGO Blizzards. After that? Well, no more BOGO Blizzards, that’s what! How terrifying is that…?

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