Walmart Is Selling An Easter Egg That’s Filled With Cheez-Its



My favorite question to break the ice with a new group of people is: Would you rather have a pint of ice cream or a bag of chips? Now, of course, the correct answer is dipping the chips into the pint of ice cream, but when forced to pick one, I cannot be the only one who goes for chips. In the spirit of that, Walmart rolled out a savory Easter egg full of Cheez-Its for folks like me—and maybe you!

This egg was spotted by Instagrammer @Foodiewiththebeasts. It’s a part of Frankford Candy’s humongous Easter range (which includes the white chocolate Froot Loops bunny!), and this egg is a thing of beauty.

It’s about the size of a large adult hand and appears to be filled with just the amount of Cheez-Its you’d want alongside your lunch or as a snack. This isn’t the only unconventional egg Frankford rolled out, though. You can also find others filled with Pop-Tart bites and mini Rice Krispie Treats.

Sure, this isn’t exactly the type of egg you’re used to seeing in your basket or appearing in an Easter egg hunt, but after years of chocolate bunnies, I am in! Justice for those of us who prefer savory treats.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to spot any of these eggs on, but that just means you’ll have to start roaming the Easter aisles of your local Walmart if you want to get in on this Cheez-It action. Hop to it!

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