Minute Maid Has A New Blue Raspberry Flavor That Is Worthy Of A Springtime Sip

There’s a never-ending list of new drinks to try, but you might want to put this one at the top! Minute Maid has unveiled a new Blue Raspberry flavor that we’ve already decided has to be delicious.

If this flavor sounds familiar, you might have seen the Minute Maid Blue Raspberry Slushie that is only available at McDonald’s. The bright blue sweet, fruity drink is now on shelves in 20-ounce bottles, although an official announcement with availability details have yet to be released.

The new flavor was first announced in October 2019 at the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) show. That’s also where Sprite Winter Cranberry and Fanta Piña Colada were unveiled.

“Blue Raspberry will join the Minute Maid lineup in 2020 after Coca-Cola learned that Blue Raspberry flavors have recently grown in beverages 6% year-over-year,” reads coverage from the show.

In February 2020, people began spotting the Minute Maid Blue Raspberry in stores. So it looks like it’s rolling out now, and you might get lucky before a more widespread release. Hopefully, it’ll be lining shelves soon, because does anyone else think this is the perfect drink for warm weather? We could see ourselves using this as a cocktail mixture for spring and summer … just saying.

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