Disney Cast Members Say Goodbye To Visitors Before Parks Close

Disney announced last week that all of their parks worldwide would be closing down for the safety of their patrons amidst the coronavirus outbreak. Before their closures, one TikTok user was able to get footage of some of the cast members bidding a sweet “see you later” to park goers and the video is nothing short of magical.

TikTok account @themouselets dedicates their entire feed to videos of the Disney parks and cast members, and with the news of the closings made special montages of some of our favorite Disney characters saying goodbye for the time being.

“A few characters wanted to say goodbye until the parks reopen in April!” reads the caption of the first of three videos. The TikTok starts with Princess Tiana saying, “We were just talking about a great big pot of gumbo, darling, so you’ll have to hop on by the restaurant and we’ll have some together. See you soon, sugar.”

Pocahontas is next, saying “Perhaps next time we’ll cross paths in the future. I’m sure that’s where our dreams will be leading us, ’til next time.” The video then follows Gaston as he says goodbye and flexes for the camera and finds Rapunzel as she plans for a future of seeing the lanterns in the sky and playing with frying pans.

A second installment of cast members saying goodbye includes Fairy Godmother, Drusilla and Anastasia, Princess Elena of Avalor, Cinderella, and the Main Street Councilman. All of the cast members remained in character while saying their goodbyes and how much they can’t wait to have us all back in the parks. A final video compiled all of the characters in the parks waving goodbye with the caption, “It’s not a goodbye, it’s see you real soon.”

As of right now, the Disney Parks are set to reopen in April. In the meantime, Disneyland and Disney World are donating leftover meals to food banks and you can virtually ride Disney’s rollercoasters online from the comfort of your own home.

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