Disney’s “Bunny Butt” Crispy Treat Is The Cutest Easter Dessert


Code Word DISNEYInstagram

Nobody loves a good holiday celebration more than Disney, and Disneyland has already gotten the party started for Easter with a highly Instagrammable new treat.

The treat, which was inspired by, of all things, a bunny butt, was spotted by Instagram account @Code_Word_Disney, and it’s totally hilarious.

“NEW Mickey-shaped Easter Bunny Crispy or the “Bunny Butt” crispy treat!” they wrote alongside various photos of the snack: “Easter season treats seem to be trickling into the parks already! We spotted this Easter Bunny Crispy treat at the Candy Palace in Disneyland which is made to resemble the back feet and tail of the bunny.”

According to @Code_Word_Disney, the bunny butt treat is made of crispy cereal dipped in white chocolate. It also has marshmallow sprinkled with coconut shavings for the tail and apparently it just came out yesterday. Another cool thing to note: While it’s technically a bunny butt, it’s also in the shape of Mickey ears.

Check out the cute treat here and just try not to laugh out loud:

According to Disney Food Blog, you can snatch up the bunny butt treat at Disneyland’s Candy Palace shop for $5.99. But—believe it or not—that’s not the only bunny butt snack Disneyland is currently serving up ahead of Easter: They also have a bunny butt cake pop with a fudgy center and white chocolate coating for $4.99. Apparently, bunny butts are all the rage this season…and that’s cool with me.

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