Oreo Is Selling A Pack Filled With Flavors Like Peanut Butter And Mint

Diving into a pack of classic Oreos is everything, but sometimes you just want a little something more. Maybe it’s a hint of peanut butter, or some extra chocolate. Or maybe you’re craving a little strawberry with the cookies ‘n’ cream taste you’ve got going on.

Apparently, Oreo is one step ahead of you, because the brand has multi-flavor combo packs that sound ridiculously good. The new Oreos were spotted by Instagram account @SnackBetch.

“Strawberry Cheesecake/Cool Mint & Peanut Butter/Choco Brownie Oreos,” they wrote alongside photos of the cookies: “I really like that you can get two totally different flavors in 1 package! What do you think?!”

People were all kinds of excited in the comments. “Woah, that’s cool!” one person wrote. “Strawberry cheesecake and cool mint sounds like a perfect combination,” someone else said.

Here’s the thing: These aren’t available in the U.S. Womp womp. “Had these in Italy!! 🍓 the best,” one person wrote in the comments. @SnackBetch didn’t specify where they found these, but it seems like it was in the U.K.—and that sparked some serious haterade for British Oreos.

“The cream in the UK ones are not as creamy and you get less than the USA ones,” one person noted. “Also the USA cookie is easier to take apart whereas the UK biscuit is difficult to take apart and just crumbles into a thousand pieces.”

So…that is something to console yourself with. Still! Fingers crossed these magically appear stateside soon!

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