Starbucks Has Cherry Blossom-Themed Mugs And Cups

It’s hard enough as it is to choose which Starbucks tumbler cup you want to buy. Chances are, you have a strong collection going—us too!—and your collection is about to get even bigger. Starbucks came out with a whole line of reusable mugs, cups, and tumblers that are inspired by cherry blossom season and the collection is absolutely beautiful.

The merch is all bright pink with subtle floral designs and was inspired by “a gentle spring breeze, with cherry blossom petals dancing in the air on a warm spring day,” according to the Starbucks site. Along with the typical mugs and cups, there’s a gift card with a cherry blossom design and a picnic mat for any outdoor spring adventures you might have planned.

Currently, the collection is only available in Japan to welcome the arrival of their spring which is famous for the blooming Japanese cherry blossom trees. Not only did Starbucks release the collection, but Japan locations also have two pink beverages in honor of cherry blossom season beginning.

The sakura milk pudding Frappuccino is made with milk pudding, cherry leaf extract, and strawberry sauce. It’s then topped with rice cracker toppings that look like little petals. The sakura milk latte is a non-coffee drink made with strawberry sauce and blended into warm milk.

Between the pink drinks and all of the flowery merch you can get, it looks like spring is officially here to stay. The only thing left to figure out is which cup you’ll want to add to your collection first.

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