Dwyane Wade Made Red Velvet Fried Oreos On Instagram

Celebrities are staying inside to practice social distancing, and if nothing else, they are using this time to show us more candid content of what they do while they’re at home. Ina Garten is making huge cocktails, Chrissy Teigen is bartering for romaine lettuce, and Dwyane Wade is making red velvet fried Oreos. To each their own!

Dwyane posted a video on Instagram that showed his step-by-step tutorial. “If anybody knows anything about me, I love sweets,” he says in the beginning of the shot: “So tonight we call this the quarantine body fat edition snack.”

He then read off ingredients to make the red velvet batter (we have a similar one you can use here!). Then, he dipped his Oreos—Double Stuf, of course—into the batter making sure that it was covered on all sides. In Dwyane’s words, “make sure both sides are nice and gooey.” You heard the man. You gotta coat them well!

He already has a heated frying machine set up on his counter, so he dropped the coated Oreo into the machine reminding everyone that it’s OK to lick their fingers if they get some of the batter on them. “If you grew up around your grandma, make sure you lick those fingers!” So true.

Dwyane’s tips for getting the best results is to move around the Oreo in the oil, and once you see the bubbles around it disappear, it’s probably done. Truly, what can’t this man do? Between Dwyane’s quick tutorial and Aldi’s funnel cake kits it looks like an at-home carnival night could be in the near future.

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