Ellen Degeneres Made Her Producer Andy Become A Hibachi Chef

Ellen Degeneres is always up to something and this week part of her shenanigans included making her executive producer Andy become a Benihana chef. It’s all part of a series Ellen calls “Average Andy” during which Andy has to do a bunch of things he’s just average at and his hibachi chef skills were no different.

Andy was mentored by a master teppanyaki chef at Benihana, who taught him all of the fun tricks you’ve seen if you’re ever sat in front of a hibachi grill. He starts by learning how to cut and cook shrimp, and in the pr0cess ends up cutting his finger and hitting one of the cooked shrimp into his face.

“So what’s happening now is I’m bleeding and I’m burnt in the face, but I’m learning,” he tells the master chef. “I’ll let you know if I bleed out, but for now we’ll just keep going.”

The thing is, the master chef thought Andy was being dramatic for comedic effect, but the dude really was bleeding! Thankfully, someone bandaged him up and Andy continued to learn the ways of the hibachi grill. He tried his hand at making fried rice then shaping it into a heart, which he was able to do…kind of!

Things got even more fun when an actual group of hungry guests were sat at his table. The master chef let Andy take the reins and slight chaos ensued. When he attempted the onion volcano, he warned the guests it may be a while.

“I’m building a mountain and I’m hoping you have about four to five hours because that’s how long it’s going to take,” Andy said, before eventually figuring it out. He proceeded to make some shrimp but barely cooked it all the way and then finessed the fried rice heart to the best of his ability. He tried, he really did!

And before the master chef could take over to actual cook and edible meal, Andy asked the diners if they like egg rolls, when they said yes…he rolled an egg across the hibachi grill. Classic.

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