Tastykake Has Some New Mint Chocolate Treats

Last year, Tastykake launched its Scoop Shop line, a range of delicious baked goods inspired by some of your favorite ice cream flavors. Now, the brand has rolled out a new Scoop Shop treat—and, guys, it’s a good one.

It’s called a Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie, and it’s made to look like a classic mint ice cream cookie sandwich but, surprise: There’s no ice cream involved. The cookies basically have an ice cream sandwich feel, but swap in mint-flavored icing for the ice cream. This means you can stash them in your bag, car, at your desk—basically anyplace you know you could benefit from a minty pick-me-up during the day.

The treat was spotted at Walmart by Instagram account @JunkPickers. Check it out, and just try not to drool on your screen:

People freaked out in the comments. “OMG are they out now??” one person wrote. “Get outta here will ya 😂,” another said.

Sounds amazing, right? Apparently you’re not the only one who thinks so, because they’re currently out of stock at Walmart.com (although, hopefully not at your local Walmart).

Also beloved and out-of-stock on Walmart.com? These mint chocolate-flavored Kandykakes that were also spotted by JunkPickers. These are described as cakes with mint-flavored filling, and dark chocolate-flavored coating.

Kandykakes are kind of like a cross between a Thin Mint and a Peppermint Patty, two of the most beloved mint chocolate treats out there. Sure, they’re not ice cream-inspired, but I’d say these ones are pretty impressive in their own right.

Though these are both sold out online, keep your eyes peeled on your next grocery run because something tells me these will be more and more prevalent as St. Patrick’s Day approaches. It’s the perfect time to be a mint chocolate fan.

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