The Bachelor’s Kelsey Weier Was Gifted A Huge Bottle Of Champagne From Ashley Iaconetti During “Women Tell All”

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor was the Women Tell All, where all of the contestants from the season sit down and hash out the drama for our viewing entertainment. Of course, one of the biggest moments of the season, Champagnegate, was revisited. To top it all off, Kelsey Weier was given the largest bottle of champagne I’ve ever seen. Iconic!

If you need a refresher, Champagnegate started when Kelsey brought a $200 bottle of Dom Perignon to The Bachelor mansion to share with Peter on one of their first nights together. Well, things didn’t go according to plan because another contestant, Hannah Ann Sluss, accidentally (or purposefully?) ended up popping the bottle with Peter instead. It was truly the champagne pop heard around the world.

Then, when Peter Weber tried to console Kelsey by giving her a different bottle of champagne, she drank straight from the bottle and it essentially exploded all over her face. At the time it was super cringe-y, but it quickly became one of the best memes of the season, and Kelsey has since been able to laugh at herself.

Even during last night’s episode, when they played back footage of the whole thing going down, Kelsey was cracking up as she watched. When Chris Harrison asked her about her reaction to her champagne being popped by someone else she straight up admits, “I went balls to the walls crazy!” When another contestant told her that her handling of the whole situation was irrational, Kelsey even said, “I would totally agree with that.” We love a self aware queen!

To bring it all home, Chris brought Kelsey into the hot seat to talk about her tearful time on The Bachelor. When they were wrapping up, Chris brought out Ashely Iaconetti, a seasoned Bachelor franchise vet who is well-known for her crying. Ashley gifted Kelsey with something arguably more valuable than an indecisive pilot’s heart…a humongous bottle of champagne.

Kelsey’s smile when she got the bottle spoke for itself. It was a perfect full circle moment that made me love Kelsey even more (please, please get her to Paradise, @producers!!) and was perfect material for some of the season’s best memes.

In conclusion, we love Kelsey Weier. That is all.

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