Ever Heard Of Rajma Pakoda? The Unique Fritters Will Leave You Craving For More


  • Kidney bean is also known a Rajma
  • Rajma chawal is one nationa’s favourite comfort food
  • Pakodas are mostly enjoyed with the side of chutney and some chai

You enter a room and you are bound to stumble upon a rajma-chawal fan. The comfort dish is made with a peculiar legume called rajma (or kidney beans) and rice. Kidney bean is perhaps one of the oldest legumes known to mankind. There are various variants of the bean and all of them are profuse with treasure of nutrients. Kidney beans are touted to be one of the best sources of plant-based protein. Protein is the building block of life. It also helps keep you satiated and keeps you from bingeing, thus promoting sustainable weight loss.

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There are many ways you can include rajma in your diet; however, fortunately or unfortunately, we stick to the rajma curry that we ultimately pair with rice. From salads and sprouts to kebabs and patty, kidney beans are super versatile, provided you are willing to explore and experiment. A quirky rajma recipe you can try at your place is rajma pakoda. Pakodas are deep-fried Indian fritters; they could or could not be batter-fried.

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There are many ways you can include rajma in your diet

Pakoda is one of India’s most beloved snack; it is often enjoyed with chutney or ketchup and a cup of hot tea. Think pakodas and you’re bound to think all things greasy and good, but nowadays, you can use bare minimum oil to prepare them. If you have an air-fryer at home, you can make these rajma pakodas in them and cut back on many excess calories.

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With the nationwide lockdown upon us, more and more people are turning to cooking. Which is so much better too, why you ask? If you cook at home, you can customise the taste as per your liking, and also ensure the quality of products used to make the dishes. This rajma pakoda recipe has all the elements to be a winner. It is crunchy, yummy, made with our most favourite ingredients and so unique. We are pretty sure not many in your circle of family or friends have tried something like this.

Click here for the recipe to make this delicious treat at home.

So what are you waiting for? Try this recipe at home and let us know how you like it. Make sure you soak rajmas overnight and cook it in a pressure cooker. For the extra crunch, the recipe also uses some bread crumbs that are also very easy to prepare at home.

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