Swara Bhasker Bakes Diabetic-Friendly Cake At Home For Her Own Birthday (See Pics Inside)

Swara Bhasker Bakes Diabetic-Friendly Cake At Home For Her Own Birthday (See Pics Inside)

Swara Bhasker baked diabetic friendly cake for herself on her birthday.


  • Swara Bhasker baked a delicious cake for herself on her birthday
  • The actress tried making a coffee chocolate cake
  • The cake used Dates paste as a sugar subtitute

Due to the rapid spread of novel Coronavirus, the entire country is under lockdown. Swara Bhasker celebrated her birthday on 9th April, 2020, while in quarantine. Since ordering a cake wasn’t an option, she took to her own kitchen to bake a cake for herself on her special day! The actress went all out with her cooking preparations with a customised apron as well as a cloth around her head to prevent her hair from falling into her preparation. She made a cake with a paste of dates rather than using refined sugar, so as to make the recipe healthier! Take a look at her Instagram stories:

She started her recipe by making a date paste, by deseeding the dates one-by-one and blending them together in a mixer. The dates were smoothened out by using warm water, and then used as the sugar substitute in the recipe. Some other ingredients used were butter, eggs, and baking chocolate. Swara Bhasker used a recipe by Taste of Artisan.

The resulting cake looked absolutely delicious and satiating. Swara Bhasker was a little disappointed with the less-sweet taste, but she laughed that the cake was the perfect recipe for people suffering from diabetes due to its low sugar content. Take a look at what her final cake looked like.

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Swara Bhasker’s house help Bikaesh also baked her another cake later, with much more delicious results! Check that out too: 


We wish Swara Bhasker a very happy birthday and we hope to see more such glimpses of her foodie side soon.

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