Families Dress Formal For At-Home Dinner Parties

While everyone is staying at home to properly practice social distancing, people are finding all sorts of ways to have fun. One way families are coming together is by hosting formal dinner parties in the comfort of their own homes and let me tell you, they’re really going all out!

TikTok users have been sharing all the ways they’ve been keeping busy, whether it’s making coffee or learning new dances, but this one might take the cake. One user, who has racked up over 100,000 likes, posted a video of all of her family members getting dressed in formal attire to gather together downstairs for dinner.

“We were tired of seeing each other in sweats,” the caption said. The video was set to Lizzo’s “Cuz I Love You” and it shows her father wearing a tie, her brother wearing a blazer and a gold chain, and her mother, sisters, and herself wearing long dresses. They each come down the stairs in their outfits and strike a pose while the other members cheer them on. Even their dog was wearing a fancy pink sweater! The final clip is all of them together at the dinner table enjoying their dinner and some red wine.

While we’re all spending time at home, there are tons of ways to be entertained pass the time. Dressing up for dinner is one of them and can get you out of the habit of lounging in your comfy clothes if you’re tired of that.

If you want to include more of your friends to your fancy occasion from a distance, we put together everything you need to know about throwing an awesome virtual dinner party. You can stay safe, healthy, and have fun in your homes, it might just take a little extra creativity, some good food and a pinch TikTok inspo. We got you!

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