Kelly Ripa Shared What She Eats In A Day

Talk show host Kelly Ripa is known for a lot things, including the ability to somehow be peppy at super-early hours to film Live With Kelly and Ryan. Now, thanks to a video from Harper’s BAZAAR, we got filled in on the fact that Kelly doesn’t actually EAT anything before going on camera. Wild.

In the video for the magazine’s YouTube Series Food Diaries: Bite Size, Kelly said that she doesn’t have any “chewing food” before appearing on camera. She instead drinks and takes supplements, as well as a large coffee with ghee. That’s it!

Then, she’ll cut up a green apple and have some almond butter and cinnamon for breakfast before working out…which she does seven days a week. How does this woman do it all?

Following that, Kelly says she has a big salad with avocado and nuts. In year’s past, she used to have avocado toast with a fried egg, but according to Kelly, that’s so 2015. She’ll usually have another salad for dinner with plant proteins like tofu and tahini.

Besides a “couple” handfuls of mixed nuts and some tea before bed, that’s her day! It might surprise you, also to know, that she claims to not love cheat meals! She’s just not interested! That said, she is not against a treat on special occasions.

“I try not to have that many cheat meals because cheat meals leads to sort of a cheat lifestyle,” she said:

This is at my age. So if you’re younger, enjoy that aspect of your life. But at my age now, I find that it takes too much effort to get ready, so I just stay ready. On my birthday, will I have cake? Of course. I’m not a monster. At Christmas, do I eat cookies? Yes, I’m a human being.

So, there you have it! We’ll leave the clean eating and the getting up early to Kelly, because she’s clearly a master and…we’ll be over here with our cookies year-round.

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