Fudge Brownie M&M’s Are Hitting Shelves

I think we can all agree there is nothing better than a classic M&M. But did you ever have one and wish it was, well, a little more chocolatey? That it tasted a little more like, say, your favorite classic baked good? Well now, M&M’s has you covered because its new fudge brownie flavor is finally hitting stores.

M&M’s confirmed to us that this highly anticipated new flavor is slated to hit shelves everywhere next month. For the uninformed, the new flavor was teased back in August and we’ve all been eagerly awaiting its arrival ever since.

Instead of just being filled with some extra chocolate, these are filled with the taste of fudge-y brownies (they’re a bit bigger, like say, a peanut M&M) and according to Instagrammer @DadBodSnacks, the middle is really chewy, just like a brownie.

“The more you chew, the more that fudgy quality of a soft chewy brownie comes through in flavor. It’s still heavy in chocolate flavor and reminiscent of the classic M&M, but with that fudgy middle, it helps elevate the whole candy,” they wrote.

If you’re eager to get your hands on a pack, you can do so very, very soon. In fact, they’re already being spotted in many stores, but you can expect them to roll out everywhere in April. They’ll be available in single-serving pouches, as well as sharing sizes…not that you’re going to be wanting to share them, that is.

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