Starbucks Plans To End Its Vegan Tax On Milk

Starbucks plans to no longer charge an additional fee for drinks that use plant-based milks. Last month, people were protesting Starbucks because of its “vegan tax,” which is the term for vegan alternatives costing more than a non-vegan product.

Recently, Starbucks has been taking steps to add more vegan and plant-based options to its menu. In December, a jackfruit grain bowl, vegan chocolate and raspberry cake, and overnight oats were introduced to Starbucks locations in the UK. In January, three new drinks made with almond, coconut, and oat milks were added to the menu.

These changes follow the news that PETA bought stock in Starbucks in an attempt to make their menu more inclusive and affordable for vegans. Well, that time may come soon, because at Starbucks’ annual shareholder meeting, a PETA representative asked if there were any plans to make subbing traditional dairy for plant-based milks free of charge.

According to Veg News, Chief Operating Officer of Starbucks Roz Brewer explained that they are planning to monitor the market to be able to make plant-based milks not cost extra, as well as to add even more vegan options to their offerings.

“We’ll continue to innovate on plant-based alternatives and beverages,” she said: “We expect costs [of non-dairy milk] to come down as the supply chain for plant-based options matures and we will pass this onto our customers. We will watch this carefully.”

Hopefully, this means that we can order our oat milk lattes without having to worry about the extra money we’re spending. Sounds good to me!

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