Garth Brooks’s Facebook Live Concert Was Everything We Hoped For

Y’all. If you’re a country music fan and you missed Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood‘s free Facebook Live concert via #InsideStudioG tonight, you missed out. Luckily, we were there (among his real fans…) and jotted down our favorite moments. And fine, it’s also available in full here. But in case you’re, like, at work or something and want the Cliff Notes for now, glance through these sweet moments below before settling in for the Premium version. Is someone cutting onions in here? No? Just us? Golly.

When Garth Brooks played the saxophone.

Yes, Brooks opened this week’s #InsideStudioG with a clip from his 1991 This is Garth Brooks, Too! tour stop. The man played One Night a Day, and when he took that saxophone to his lips, the crowd erupted. What a way to get us in the mood, G.

When Garth and Trisha sang “Thicker Than Blood” together.

As Brooks’s wife of 15 years, Trisha Yearwood (duh), said early on in the live stream, “it’s also Studio T!” The couple sang a beautiful rendition of Thicker Than Blood for the camera, and afterward, Brooks said, “We’re a blended family.” (Read more about that here.) One of the producers in the background read a comment from a fan, who said, “My heart needed this today.” Trisha responded by saying on camera, “I think our hearts needed this today.”

When the couple sang a demo from when they first met.

After performing Golden Ring, where Brooks told his wife, “Oh man, you’re fun to sing with,” and The Woman Before Me, back during when, as Yearwood explained, “we were writing letters, because we couldn’t email,” the couple sang I Guess You Had to Be There. It’s a song Yearwood cut when she was just a demo singer, still giving cassettes of her new music to her parents. Yearwood’s sister wrote in, a producer can be heard during the live stream saying, and told the couple, “I love this song.” Afterward, Yearwood and Brooks congratulated each other on remembering all the lyrics with an elbow bump, LOL. Then, Yearwood wiped some fuzz off her husband’s chin.

When they covered James Taylor, and Taylor wrote in!

Yes, Brooks and Yearwood sang a bit of Sweet Baby James as 334,000 viewers watched. Then, a producer announced that Taylor himself wrote in, saying, “Stay safe, we’re thinking of you.” Then Yearwood joked, “He’s like, practice, Trisha. We love you, James.” Aww.

The country couple covered Shallow!

“I mean, it’s my fantasy,” Yearwood said when she heard the fan request. It was beautiful, but I’m putting the Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper Oscars version here because I know you’re going to want to watch it again too. You can’t fool me.

Trisha played guitar in front of Garth for the first time EVER.

“I used to sit in my bedroom and play Linda Rondstadt all day long,” Yearwood said at one point. “I’ve never seen you play,” Brooks responded. But yes, Yearwood did it! She played Long Long Time, at the end of which Brooks said, “That was amazing!” We thought so too.

When Trisha made Garth cry with Amazing Grace.

We wrote previously about how one fan, Teresa, requested that the couple sing Amazing Grace and well—Yearwood and Brooks delivered. The two started out singing together, but eventually Brooks let Yearwood sing alone. She finished with the powerful lyrics, “I once was lost but now am found/T’was blind but now I see/Was blind, but now I see.” Brooks was brought to tears. When Yearwood finished, Brooks embraced his wife and said, “Love one another. We’re going to get through this together.” Amen.

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